martedì 28 ottobre 2008

nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge, tutto si transforma, cosa si transforma non si sa, ma sicuramente si transforma

nolstalgia 2008 otro autoretrato
El cambio 2004 imagen manipulada digital de varios oleos sobre tela

venerdì 2 maggio 2008

Cosa cerco ?
cerco per una finestra aperta
cosa è una finestra aperta?
puo esere una via che mi porte a un posto diverso,
un posto dove puo trovare un anima, un anima sana,
un anima enamorata de la vita, in pace
quando la visite esca a giocare a la vita,
che sai che l'orologio no perdona un atimo,
e sai il valore di ogni secondo e il suo paso è deciso

martedì 11 settembre 2007


What can be more abstract than trying to describe how emotions feel?
How a caress can be expalin? or how the lines of a desire can be define? Without being in the tentation of fill apiece of paper with adjetives of comon places or tv clips.

Only art has the language capable to transmit the feeling that find ina a memory, in an image, or aroma, or maybe a word, or a sound, discoverying sudenly identities of mind and conscience fugitives.
Then for a moment we sahre the same space, whith out the eternal fear of recognize our selfs in what we lived, and we add the forgaten pieces of our eternal destiny.

In several paints Josue Ledezma shows us his grea capacity to extract from reality some of the faces of our human condition. Emtions with wich the spectator identifies itself in the meaning deep sence. Josue is artist from hearth and opens before us a window to his intimity and invite us to be familiar with his own geography mother mountains obsessed in keeping alive that unifolio son, crying out from skin of stone, inmersed between concrete and etereus, lead his boat toward lightly seas and skies with a powerfull faith.

this english version is for you